11 Blastbeats To Master: Improve Your Technique With This Extreme Chops Challenge

Blastbeats are an essential component of extreme metal drumming. These high-speed, intense drumming techniques require precision, speed, and control. In this article, we will explore 11 blastbeat variations that every aspiring metal drummer should master to improve their technique and expand their chops.

From traditional blast beats to specialty blasts, these exercises will challenge your coordination, stamina, timing, dynamics, and phrasing. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced drummer looking to push the boundaries of your playing abilities, these exercises offer a comprehensive workout for all skill levels.

So let’s dive into the world of blast beats and discover how these exercises can help you enhance your drumming skills and take your playing to the next level.


In this section, we will explore a set of basic blasts that are crucial for developing your blast beat technique. These exercises will help you to build the foundation and control required to play blast beats effectively.

1. Bass Drum Control: Focus on developing precise and powerful bass drum hits. Practice playing steady 16th notes with the bass drum while keeping a consistent tempo.

2. Right Hand Speed: Work on increasing the speed and accuracy of your right hand. Practice playing single stroke rolls at fast tempos, gradually building up your speed.

3. Left Foot Coordination: Improve your left foot coordination by incorporating it into your blast beat patterns. Start by adding double bass drumming to simple grooves and gradually increase the complexity.

4. Snare Drum Accents: Enhance your blast beats with snare drum accents for added dynamics and phrasing. Practice playing blast beat patterns with accented snare hits on specific counts.

5. Dynamics Control: Develop control over your dynamic range while playing blast beats. Experiment with different stick pressures to vary the volume of each hit, creating a more expressive sound.

These exercises will lay the groundwork for more advanced techniques later on in the article, so be sure to master them before moving forward! Stay disciplined in your practice routine and focus on improving one aspect at a time for better results in mastering these fundamental blast beats.


To truly master blast beats and elevate your drumming technique, it’s essential to go beyond the basics and explore specialty blasts. These advanced techniques require precision, control, stamina, and coordination. Here are some specialty blasts that will challenge even the most experienced drummers:

  1. Hammer Blast: This technique involves simultaneously hitting the kick drum and snare drum with both hands and feet, creating a thunderous sound.
  2. Derek Roddy Rolls: Inspired by legendary drummer Derek Roddy, these rolls consist of fast alternating strokes between the hands and feet while maintaining blastbeat speed.
  3. Blast Beat Fills: Incorporating dynamic fills within blast beats adds complexity to your playing. Experiment with different fills to enhance transitions and create unique patterns.
  4. Blast Beat Accents: Adding accents within blast beats can bring variation and intensity to your playing. Focus on emphasizing specific notes or beats for a powerful impact.

Remember, these specialty blasts require practice and patience to master. Start slowly, gradually increasing speed as you gain confidence. Take advantage of online videos or resources that demonstrate these techniques in action.

By incorporating specialty blasts into your practice routine, you’ll not only improve your overall drumming skills but also bring an exciting level of complexity and creativity to your playing. So grab those sticks, kick up the tempo, and let’s take your blastbeat technique to new heights!

For Further Study

For further study, there are a few key areas that you can focus on to continue improving your drumming technique. These areas include developing drumming drills, improving your stamina and control, working on dynamics and phrasing, and enhancing your timing and transitions.

To begin, drumming exercises for accents can help you enhance your drumming phrasing and control. These exercises involve playing certain notes or beats with more emphasis to create accents in your performance. Additionally, practicing drumming exercises for speed can help you improve your overall speed and coordination.

Another important aspect to consider is developing blast beat techniques. Blast beats are commonly used in metal music and require rapid alternation between the bass drum, snare drum, and hi-hat cymbal. By focusing on blast beat variations and mastering blast beat coordination, you can add more power and intensity to your playing.

Furthermore, working on drumming exercises for fills can enhance your ability to smoothly transition between different sections of a song. Fills are short musical phrases played between the main beats of a rhythm to add flair and creativity to your drum part. Practicing fills with different timings and dynamics can significantly improve your overall drumming performance.

Finally, it is essential to continue challenging yourself with advanced techniques such as blast beat dynamics and bomb blasts. These extreme techniques push the limits of speed, control, stamina, and coordination. Incorporating these techniques into your practice routine will undoubtedly elevate your skills as a drummer.

By incorporating these areas into your further study regimen, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an even more accomplished musician. Remember that consistent practice and dedication are crucial for continual improvement in any musical endeavor.


What are blastbeats?

Blastbeats are a drumming technique commonly used in extreme metal music, characterized by fast, alternating strokes between the bass drum and snare drum. They create a rapid and intense rhythmic pattern, adding energy and aggression to the music.

Why should I learn blastbeats?

Learning blastbeats can greatly improve your drumming technique, speed, and coordination. It is a challenging technique that pushes your limits and helps you develop stamina and precision in your playing. Blastbeats are widely used in extreme metal genres, so mastering them will give you more versatility as a drummer.

Are blastbeats only for metal drummers?

Although blastbeats are most commonly associated with extreme metal genres like death metal and black metal, they can be used in various styles of music. Many rock, punk, and hardcore drummers incorporate blastbeat elements into their playing to add intensity and aggression to their performances. It’s a versatile technique that can be adapted to different musical contexts.

How do I start learning blastbeats?

To start learning blastbeats, it is essential to have a solid foundation in basic drumming techniques. Develop your skills in playing single strokes, double strokes, and foot techniques. Once you have a good grasp of these fundamentals, you can begin practicing blastbeat patterns slowly and gradually increase the speed. It’s important to practice with a metronome to maintain a consistent tempo and work on your timing.

How can I improve my blastbeat speed?

Improving blastbeat speed requires consistent practice and gradual progression. Start by practicing at a comfortable speed and gradually increase the tempo as you become more comfortable and accurate. Focus on maintaining a relaxed grip and using efficient wrist and finger motion. Regularly incorporate speed exercises into your practice routine and challenge yourself with different blastbeat patterns.

What are some specialty blastbeats?

Specialty blastbeats are variations or extensions of the traditional blastbeat technique. Some examples include gravity blasts, heel-toe blasts, sliding blasts, and alternating foot blasts. These techniques require additional coordination and dexterity, and mastering them can add complexity and diversity to your blastbeat arsenal.

Can I use blastbeats in slower tempo songs?

Yes, blastbeats can be used creatively in slower tempo songs to create dynamic contrast and add intensity to specific sections. Experiment with incorporating blastbeat bursts during transitions or climactic parts of the song to create a powerful impact. The key is to use them strategically and tastefully to enhance the overall musical experience.

What are some recommended resources for further study?

There are several resources available for further study and improvement of blastbeat technique. Online drumming tutorials, instructional videos, and books specifically focusing on extreme metal drumming can provide valuable guidance and exercises to enhance your skills. Additionally, studying and analyzing the drumming styles of proficient metal drummers can help you gain insights and inspiration.

How long will it take to master blastbeats?

The time it takes to master blastbeats varies depending on your dedication, practice routine, and current skill level. It is a challenging technique that requires consistent practice over an extended period. With daily focused practice, it may take several months or even years to achieve mastery. Remember, progress is gradual, so be patient and persistent in your journey.


In conclusion, mastering blast beats requires dedication, practice, and a solid foundation in drumming technique. By incorporating the right exercises into your practice routine and focusing on areas such as stamina, dynamics, accents, timing, phrasing, and control, you can improve your drumming skills significantly.

Throughout this article, we discussed various exercise to develop specific aspects of blast beats. From drumming patterns and transitions to fills and accents, each exercise serves a purpose in advancing your abilities. By playing alternating hands or incorporating both feet and hands simultaneously, you challenge yourself to achieve advanced drumming techniques.

Remember that being part of a metal band like Cannibal Corpse isn’t just about speed drumming; it’s about precision and skill. Your left hand is just as important as your right foot when it comes to executing blast beats with finesse. Take the chops challenge, embrace the opportunity to push your limits and improve your overall drumming proficiency.

So let’s get started! Let’s apply these techniques and exercises into our daily drumming practice routine. Start slow with steady tempos and gradually increase the speed as you build confidence. Practice consistently but also allow yourself time for rest and recovery.

With patience and perseverance, there’s no doubt that you’ll see progress in no time. Keep practicing those drumming exercises for stamina, dynamics, phrasing, timing, fills, transitions, control—the list goes on! As you continue honing your craft and perfecting your blast beat skills through dedicated practice sessions,

Keep pushing the boundaries of what you can achieve as a drummer. Explore new ideas expressive way—keep listening to different styles of music for inspiration—and above all else: have fun! So let’s embark on this exciting journey together towards becoming an extraordinary drummer with impeccable blast beating abilities!

Remember – never stop learning new things—both technically challenging licks within the extreme genre itself or from other genres as well. The possibilities are endless, and the rewards of your hard work will surely be worth it. Happy drumming!